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Paint roller tips and tricks

Home sweet home – you may have heard this phrase quite often in recent times and a decorated, well-crafted and well maintained house has thus become a necessity rather than a requirement for each and every person in their life.  Painting is one way to coat colours that may fit your house. As far as painting is concerned, saying it is very easy, but a painting of ceilings, walls along with windows and doors are not so easy. But you don’t worry as paint roller is there to give you the most desired finish work.

Paint rollers are available in the market in very different sizes. But the main thing is to use it in a proper way. First of all you need to know about the paint cage which is actually a tool by which you can put a sleeve on your paint roller. A very important step by painting with a roller is the loading of a roller. Though the motion of any roller is same but you need to adjust the total amount of paint depending upon the sleeve you have got for your roller.

Now coming to painting techniques, if you want to roll the roller until the sleeve touches the paint on it, don’t get hurry, and wait until it saturates and then move it towards the top and roll it down again into the paint bucket. One other important trick is not to throttle the whole roller into the paint bucket, just keep the sleeve into the paint and it will give you a fantastic result.

Once your roller is filled with paint, start your work. Use little, but enough pressure on the roller so the paint gets into the wall of your house. Always remember that you have to start the painting from the middle of the wall and roll up to the top and then again come back to the bottom. Complete this step and again repeat it to paint another little portion of the wall. Don’t roll in too many directions, just follow a particular direction and you will get the amazing result. So, if you are willing to have a new colour in your wall, just follow these steps and see the new colourful wall.

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