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How to maintain a Sump Pump

To start off with the first thing, the sump pump is basically helps to remove the water that gets accumulated in the sump basin in the house basement. This is very much necessary because there are many ways by which excess water can find it’s way into your basement.

It generally happens when there is heavy rain or a melting snow or your home is where the water tables are high and the soil doesn’t drain the water properly or there is a crack in the foundation of the house. So to remove this water you need a sump pump, but many a times the sump pump may be kept idle for months without being used.So annual maintenance is very important to ensure that it is running properly.To keep the sump pump in proper condition you can do the operation every 2-3 months, it requires only few minutes.

Here are some tips for maintenance of Sump pump:-

  1. Remove the pump from the sump basin.
  2. Clean debris from the exterior of the pump.
  3. Clean the inlet screen.
  4. Check the user manual to see if any oil or grease is required for the pump bearing.
  5. Inspect the check valve.
  6. Reconnect the check valve and put the pump back in the sump basin.
  7. Put a bucket of water and check if the pump is working. If it works you are good to go.
  8. Keep a cover over your pump basin to keep away any smell or any kind of accidents.

Atleast once a year maintenance of the sump pump is required, so once a year clean all the debris, change the cover, and fix all that is required and put it back properly so it can work properly. You must periodically check your sump pump as you never know when you will need it.

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