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Different types of flow meters and their advantages

Nowadays flow meters have become very much popular among the scientists and laboratory technicians. It is actually a scientific tool which is specially designed to measure the water consumption. You can measure the total water consumption using different methods just by a simple flow meter. Though it is mainly used to measure the water consumption, but the main aim behind the any kind of flow meter is to find the water leakage.

Many different types of flow meters are available in the market, but the two most common meters are the positive displacement meter and the velocity meter. There is another type flow meter named as the compound meter and this is well capable of featuring the functionalities of these two common flow meters.

Now coming to the details, the positive displacement meters come with a small chamber where measured water is kept stored. Using this device you can measure the flow rate of any liquid by just simply calculating the number of times the inbuilt chamber is emptied and filled again. Hence, using this advantage you can measure the flow rate of water in your apartment and can also check whether it is low from the normal rate or not?  Another commonly used device is velocity flow meter. The advantage of using this device is that you can measure the velocity of flowing liquid and later you can also calculate the volume from it.

There are also digital flow meters like magnetic flow device and ultrasonic device. In this type of meters different type of mechanism has been used so that it can produce the result with maximum accuracy. These digital meters have got another advantage which is nothing but the digital display and thus it has become easier to create a link between the data and the valve. You can also retrieve the data easily from digital meters. So, buy a flow meter which fits your need the best.

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